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Market leading remote correlating noise logger for large diameter and plastic pipes

Enigma3hyQ is a variant of the Enigma3m multi-point noise correlation system utilising 3G/ GPRS communications. Enigma3hyQ has been optimised for leak location over longer distances, on large diameter pipes and plastic pipes in water distribution networks. It is deployed in underground chambers and requires no costly above ground technology.

Pipeline monitoring

The Enigma3hyQ correlating loggers transmit daily leak noise data to our server via the 3G or GPRS communication networks. Correlation is performed from many loggers to accurately locate leak positions. The user has the opportunity to listen to the recorded noise thus helping to confirm correlation results are due to leak noise. To enable accurate correlations a daily logger time synchronisation is carried out by a new technology.

Leak location results

PrimeWeb provides a database and on-line viewing facility for network flow, pressure and leak alarms from XiLog+ data loggers, Phocus3/3m noise loggers and Enigma3m /3hyQ correlating noise loggers. It is accessible on any device with internet access. Logger positions can be shown on Google Maps* and coded to show leak alarms. Historical data is also available. Indication of leak positions on Google Maps* together with ‘street view’ visualisation of the leak position aids management for leakage teams.


Remote water leakage detection utilising GPRS and 3G communications

The Phocus3m from Primayer combines specialist leak noise detection and versatile communications technology to create a fixed network to monitor leakage. The logger samples pipeline noise at one-second intervals during each of three sample epochs during the night when background acoustic noise is lowest. It carries out statistical analysis on each of the three epochs to determine the Leakage Confidence Factor. The lowest leak noise is also measured, termed the Critical Noise Value: important as a measure of how close to the leak the logger is situated.

Once installed, leak noise data calculated using the proven Primayer algorithm. Data is transmitted via 3G/GPRS removing the requirement for site visits and “drive by” data retrieval.

Potential leak areas quickly identified

Phocus3m allows leakage teams to monitor the status of each logger deployed from any internet enabled device. The cloud-based analysis tool, PrimeWeb can seamlessly be used to interpret results. The system works in conjunction with *Google Maps technology to provide a live on-screen tracking, allowing leakage teams to respond quickly to problem areas and bring them under control efficiently.


Ultrasonic flowmeter with 3G/GPRS communications and long battery life

Flowmeter solution for long term installation on water networks where permanent flowmeters are not available.  This ultrasonic water flowmeter offers remote communications via 3G or GPRS or integral pressure measurement to allow constant efficient water management.


  • Network flow and pressure surveys
  • Calibration of network models
  • Sectorisation / DMA set-up
  • Minimum night-flow measurement
  • Water balance
  • Verification of existing fixed meters

Adaptable for all types of pipe

This ultrasonic water flowmeter offers maximum flexibility for all deployments.  It totally non-invasive which ensures no loss of water supply during periods of monitoring. This gives the following advantages;
  • No head loss
  • No water contact
  • No contamination
  • No process shut-down