Sun Egypt Group

was established in 2008, specialized in Measurement and Control Systems, ISO 9001-2015 certified.
SEG provides supplying and installing services to water/wastewater and oil and gas fields including flowmeters, pressure meters, leak detection devices, quality analysis and various other residential, industrial and commercial flow meters and made a success stories with hundreds of utility, industrial, and government customers in constructions and industrial facilities.

Throughout Egypt, we lead the field of measurement and control instrumentation with integrated solution which totally fit the situation of each site.

We offer timely engineering assistance for meter and regulator applications, with complete responsibility on the quality and safety, with two major factors:

▶Industrial Sales – Engineered flow, pressure and temperature measurement and monitoring solutions for all process applications.

▶Technical Services – Meter Maintenance, Test & Repair, Instrument Calibration & Certification.

Quality of service is what the client gets out of it

SEG Mission

From day one we recognize that we play an important role in providing solutions & devices for a better life SEG was incorporated to enrich the Egyptian market with the honest consultancy service and the high efficiency devices by getting hands-on experience

SEG Vision

We strive to make SEG one of the most trusted consultants to the Egyptian government in both sectors (Water & Petroleum) to guarantee the highest safety, efficiency, security and quality specifications that conforming to international standards.

SEG Values

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Respect & Trust

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