GST 6108(M) – Hydraulics Leakage Meter

The Future of Leakage Measurement at Hydraulic Systems of Airbus Aircrafts

The GST 6108(M) is the future of Leakage Measurement in Hydraulic Systems of Airbus Aircrafts. It significantely increases the reliability of an aircrafts hydraulics control.

The non-invasive GST 6108(M) ultrasonic leakage meter (P/N 610007AB and P/N 610007MB) checks and monitors the functionality and internal leak rate of the green, yellow and blue hydraulic systems for the complete, Left-Hand Wing,  Right-Hand Wing and Tail sections without the need for any direct works on the hydraulic lines.

The GST 6108(M) is certified and requested mandatory for usage on the following Airbus families: A320 & A320 NEO, A330 & A340, A350 and A380 (P/N 610007AB) as well as the Airbus A400M (P/N 610007MB).